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    Culinary Work Shops

    I'm not much of a chef material, but whenever I cook, I super make sure it tastes and looks good even if it's just for me and at home. This summer, I had the chance to attend two culinary workshops through Taste Setters by SySu International Inc., the name behind some of the country's well known food…

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    ‘All About Spicy’ at TasteSetters Workshop #SetTheTrend

    I’m ecstatically eager to attend todays workshop conducted by Tastesetters not just because I love to learn more about cooking but also because I find todays theme to be interesting. I’m half Bicolano, and grew up surrounded by people who loves spicy dishes. Making that a big influence to my liking when it comes to…

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    Food Trend: Tastesetters Workshop + Interesting Dishes Using Spices

      food trend: tastesetters workshop + interesting dishes using spices       I would like to think I have high tolerance for spicy food until I met people who take each bite with chili sauce. I realized I am a noob in the spice world.   Last week was a different story as we…

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    Featuring “Asian Flavors” at SySu’s Taste Setters Workshop

    Indian flavor are soon to come in and Modern Chinese is said to be going big. Sinigang and Adobo are already done and Kilawin is coming back, Paksiw is also something to experiment with. These are just some of the trends that I’ve learned from the recent Taste Setters workshop I attended held at Reston…

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    SYSU International's Food and Beverage Workshop

    We are at the Taste Setters: Creativity That Shapes Food and Beverage Trends workshop sponsored by SYSU International in cooperation with their partners Lee Kum Kee, Clara Ole, Tabasco, Tulip, Treetop and Smuckers here at CCA Makati. It's a series of workshops that the company and the brands are sponsoring with their partner and non…

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    Blog Entry for Trends

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    New workshop series expected to set new food trends

    TasteSetters, a new workshop series that celebrates the thriving food culture in the Philippines, is slated to put a spotlight on the country’s emerging food scene that is slowly getting recognition worldwide. In the last two years alone, international taste arbiters have pegged Filipino cuisine for its interesting flavours that is both pleasing and surprising…

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    Terms and Conditions

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS Introduction These Website Standard Terms and Conditions written on this webpage shall manage your use of this website. These Terms will be applied fully and affect to your use of this Website. By using this Website, you agreed to accept all terms and conditions written in here. You must not use this…

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    Clara Olé Real Meal Express

    Real Meal Express! “What and Where to eat for lunch? ” That is the perennial question haunting today’s office-goers. With a full packed daily schedule, prepping your own meals can really take up much time and effort. The usual option would be to go out and eat in fast-food restaurants for the quick and cheap…

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    5 Things You Didn't Know About Folgers Coffee

    1. Benjamin Franklin is related to the Folger Family Benjamin Franklin’s grandfather, Peter Folger, was an ancestor to the founder of Folgers. This entire family was bound for success from the beginning!   2. By 1963, It Had Become America’s Number-One Coffee Brand Once Frank Atha — a Folgers salesman — was able to hire two more salesmen…

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