Sysu International, Inc. is the country’s leading importer and exclusive distributor of premium food brands, Lee Kum Kee Chinese Sauces, San Remo Pasta, La Española Olive Oil, Tree Top Apple Juice, Smuckers, JIF Peanut Butter, TABASCO, Folgers, Tulip, Crisco Oil & Shortening, and many others.


SYSU also manufactures and develops products for its house brand Clara Olé, McCormick Philippines, and services toll packing for several world-renowned brands.


Brief History
As the country started to rebuild its economy after the Second World War, a Filipino of Chinese descent quietly founded a trading company with two partners. Ruben Sy Su established SYSU and Co. in 1948, a trading firm importing mostly grocery goods primarily consisting of food products.

A dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, Ruben was an exporter to Europe of copra and Manila hemp before the war and sold ammonia to beauty parlors during the war.
The father of nine children, Ruben supplied the demand for American food products and through persistence and self-motivation, he forged alliances with big names in the American food industry.

From the small office in Chinatown, SYSU went into nationwide distribution in 1976 and in the early ‘80s, expanded into food processing and toll packing. Today, Ruben’s children hold key positions in SYSU International, Inc., with the third generation of Sy children helping maneuver SYSU into the country’s top importer.

Important Dates
1948  Establishment of SYSU and Co.
1976  Nationwide Distribution Network
1986  Sysu inaugurates its food production plant
1992  Establishment of joint venture operations with McCormick Phil.