With more than 25 years of food manufacturing experience, we aim to continuously provide consumers with excellent, wholesome, safe, and highly manufactured products. Our house brand Clara Ole offers jams, syrups, pasta sauces, marinades, and food solutions delivering taste, value for money, convenience, and excitement to consumers.


Our employees are competent in every step from production, quality control, sanitation, warehouse, engineering, and R&D.



Production Line

Sitting on a 25,000 sqm manufacturing facility, our operations only use the highest quality materials for food production. Using open kettle and heat exchange processing in our batch cooking, we have a strict program on process control, ensuring product quality and safety in each stage of the production. Our pasteurization systems are equipped with electronic temperature controllers or recorders with auto divert function. Each production area is provided individual testing labs to ensure close monitoring of compliance to product specifications and parameters.


Packaging Automation

Equipped with up-to-date machinery, we provide innovative and flexible packaging services for a broad range of food products. We use jacketed kettles, fiberglass mixing tanks, and piston-type filler machines to process our main filling lines. Each machinery is armed with a huge capacity to deliver high-quality packaging solutions for our brands.


Research and Development

With our commitment to strive for industry leadership in the provision of high-quality products, we continuously work on service improvement. Our R&D team is provided with a production QC station and an R&D test kitchen where we work to upgrade our designs and systems, with the aim to adapt to the changing environment and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Our plant is GMP and HACCP certified, ensuring our clients that sanitation, safety, and quality are our top priorities in our manufacturing process.


We also offer IDCP Halal Certification assistance for our clients, analytical and technical services for product evaluation, as well as product formulation, regulatory support, plant trial, commercial run, and acceleration of new product development.