This pandemic has changed the flavor of the food industry for better or worse.


Understanding the business needs brought about by our current situation, McCormick Culinary brings together experts from the culinary and digital marketing fields, for a webinar that aims to help food business owners thrive in these challenging times and beyond!


Spiced up with McCormick’s 21st Edition Flavor Forecast®, top food professionals and entrepreneurs will take you through innovating, promoting, and sustaining your food business — no matter the stage your business and operations are in.


Expect to gather insights and information on various topics, such as:


1.    21st McCormick Flavor Forecast: What are the emerging food trends in the food and flavor industry?
by Chef Johan Movido: Senior Innovations Manager of McCormick Philippines
and Chef Tenten Casasola: Innovations & Culinary Team Manager, McCormick Philippines


2.    Flavor Your Food Biz: How do I stay competitive in tough times?
by Chef RV Manabat: Culinary Educator, Chef, and Entrepreneur


3.    Future in Food: How do I get ahead in the long run?
by Chef Mikel Zaguirre: Executive Chef and Partner of Locavore Group and President of Takao Studios
and Chef Angelo Comsti: Chef, Food Writer, and Author of best-selling cookbooks


4.    Food on the Move: How do I ensure quality as we shift to deliveries?
by Chef Carlo Miguel: Culinary Director of CloudEats and Vice President of LTB Philippines Chefs Association


5.    Food Goes Digital: How do I accelerate in the online race?
by Miko David: President and Co-founder of David & Golyat

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We hope to see you on September 2, 2021 at 3PM via Zoom. Surprises and exciting gifts await!