As the exclusive distributor of numerous brands of quality fast-moving consumer goods, we work with retail outlets and industrial giants to make food products available in various packaging for consumer and business needs. We also work closely with clients for product customization.



Retailing in over 1,000 supermarkets nationwide

Our efficient nationwide network is dedicated to ensuring that products reach retail points from supermarkets, groceries, to convenience stores. From large cities to the smallest neighborhoods, customers across the country can enjoy the same quality and variety of products.


Supplying major industry players in the food service segment

From restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, to catering operations, and other food institutions, our client base is composed of over 1,000 food service accounts nationwide. We pack food service sizes in a much larger size and often simpler or less elaborately designed than the consumer version for retail side. Out extensive line of FMCG brands ensures we utilize best practices in tandem with our global partners.


Customizing for the largest food manufacturers

We work with leading and dynamic partners in the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Manufacturing Sector to create products that satisfy their unique needs and proprietary technologies. Collaborating closely with clients in developing their products, we help them analyze their business to come up with the flavor profile to suit their target market and business objective.